Portrait Victor Mangeng Sculptor

Seeing, transforming, manifesting – these are the essentials of my art. With my abilities to work naturalistically, I try my hands on the human body. I’m working myself off. On my bodies. Thereby, I’m processing my themes. Which are wounds, dreams and thought structures.
In my artworks I am seeking to represent psychological topics. By the use of structures and surface treatments. To visualize emotional processes inside and outside the human organism. Those processes assume shape through my sculptures.
In his existence the human being is a disrupted creature. Abstract shapes and deformations stick out of the bodies. They show a kind of brutality. Which is always part of being existent.
Sensuality is a also a topic that occupies me deeply. And I try to express it in my artworks. Farther, I attempt to capture time in a pose or a facial expression. Thereby, I’m constantly experimenting with materials and surfaces. Striving for new forms of expression. And this pursuit practically becomes evident on the sculptures.


Victor Mangeng workin on a lifesize bust

Exhibitions & Symposiums

2015 Eschen (FL), Group permanent exhibition, Skulpturapärkle
2016 Montafon (A), Solo exhibition, Art Night, October
2016 Feldkirch (A), Solo exhibition at Wexelstube “Zweifelsfrei”, November
2017 Vienna (A), group exhibition, Stilgalerie,
“The woman mysterious and magical”, July
2017 Feldthurns-South Tyrol (I), sculpture symposium, Frühzeit-protostoria, October
2017 Bern (CH), Group exhibition, Galerie Hess, November
2018 New York, (US), Group exhibition, Artbox-Zurich, March
2018 Gardena (I), Summer Academy with.
Peter Senoner, Markus Delago & Aron Demetz, July
2018 Bregenz (A), Solo exhibition, Lust, July
2021 Frankfurt (GER), Finalist at the Art Award
“Bernd & Gisela Rosenheim Foundation
2021 Bludenz (A), Solo exhibition KuKuPhi Art-Gallery, August
2022 Zambia, (Africa), Portrait work exhibited at WayiWayi Art Gallery
2022 Zurich (CH), Group exhibition, Swissartexpo, Urbanside Gallery, March
2023 Mexico, Artist in Residence, CDMX, January
2023 Working on different project’s in public space
2023 first series with limited edition, abstract and figurative


2014 Singapore, Malaysia
2017 USA, Ecuador, Peru
2020 Italy, Studio Pescarella
2021 Spain, Geodeartspace
2022 Zambia, WayiWayi Art Studio
2023 Mexico City & Nicaragua


2024 Workshop, Studio-Schruns, April
2024 Swiss Triennial of Sculpture, Bad Ragaz, May

a picture during the sculpture process from artist Victor Mangeng


1991*in Schruns / Vorarlberg / Austria
2006 -2009 Commercial School Bludenz
2012 own studio
2014 Apprenticeship carpenter
2014 Further education world trip, visit to various artists
2014 self-employed as sculptor
2014 -Training as a wood and stone sculptor with
Prof. Martin Geisler-Moroder Tyrol
2019 Free works
2019 Master class stone sculpture school – Laas, South Tyrol
2020 Commissions for public space
2020 Works in marble and bronze in Carrara, Tuscany
2020 Preparations for “Arte Alpguess” sculpture trail
2021 Studio extension
2021 Work in Spain (Figueres) in bronze at Geodeartspace
2021 Work on portfolio
2022 Creation of various editions for Portfolio
2022 Commissioned sculptures
2022 Studio extension
2022 Concept for works in public space in progress
2022 Admission – Professional Association of Visual Artists Austria


Since 2015 Victor has been teaching sculpture workshops in clay and wood around the world at universities and at his studio in Austria. Some destinations have been Italy, Spain, Germany, Ecuador, USA and Zambia.